Monday, April 25, 2011



Pierre Mornet.
Pierre Mornet

Hikari Shimoda
Hikari Shimoda

Lisa Falzon


I really love Nell Brinkley’s illustrations and I know I have read about the work before but only now am I finding out that Nell Brinkley is FEMALE. Fucking blows my mind, I just assumed she was male because female illustrators are so rare. Especially since she was working in the 1920s. Inspiration pumped up.
Nell Brinkley


Really interesting sculpture from Chinese artist Chen Wenling
Chen Wenling

Tiffany Bozic
Tiffany Bozic

Andy Kehoe


Michael Shapcott
Michael Shapcott


artist: nicoletta ceccoli
Nicoletta Ceccoli


Heidi Taillefer.
Heidi Taillefer

Philoméne251. Japanese Spring.


P.C.E said...

great collection! i loved seeing some new and familiar artists. You have great taste in art

Shybiker said...

Very inspirational works. And common threads of themes among them.

My Style Canvas said...

Creepiest, most beautiful images ever. I seriously love your taste. ;-)

And thanks for the feedback.

Rhomany said...

The 'artist unknown' one is by philomene251 (that's the only name given). Here it is on Flickr ( here's their blog (

- hey bro! - said...

Awesome inspiration here indeed, I fell for the Hikari Shimoda piece, have to look that one up.

And thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm really glad you're interested in a print, and maybe even making some fanart for ConCom~ Cosplay is awesome, you should just go for it and attend a nearby con! ^o^
I've been planning on getting prints available for sale online, and was thinking of selling photosized prints in glassframes. Sounds like a good idea?... I'll let you know once I know what and how to do it... ^-^

Amelia said...

wow - you've chosen some really strong and powerful pieces of art here. Very inspirational indeed. Off to check some of them out a little more. thanks.


Kathryn said...

Absolutely love the ones by Nell Brinkley and Andy Kehoe! It's so awesome that you're introducing us readers to these awesome artists - there's no way that I'd ever know about them otherwise, and that would be a shame!

Teddi said...

officially creeped out, wimpy me as a low tolerance for horror, although halloween is my fave holiday. make sense of that. ;)