Thursday, May 19, 2011

Illustrated Plush Stickers

I think I may have blogged about this drawing before. Hmmm...anyways....
Illustrated Plush Stickers set of five
Illustrated Plush Stickers set of five
Illustrated Plush Stickers set of five
Illustrated Plush Stickers set of five

These are my new stickers!!! (I am going sort of sticker crazy lately)

These little stuffed animals are adorable! I am selling them as a set of five for $3.00. 
You can view them here.



Tammie said...

your stickers are so darn cute. They are quite marketable! I visited your shop and they are all wonderful.

Cameron said...

Yes, I back-read your blog last night...those cuties have benn mentioned before, but something that cute can be mentioned a few times without worry :)

Do you print your stickers up yourself? You must have a fantastic printer if you do...haha!

I started your painting last's probably going to be one of my absolute faves when it's done!

Sending you out big hugs,

- hey bro! - said...

Hah, these are too cute, I can imagine sticking them all around the place to make it look like they're lying on top of things... XD Awesome work!

Christine said...

sooo cute!

Deer Donna said...

ooh they are soo sweet! i would love to do a giveaway with some of your stuff on my blog!! :D

Jenny Blair said...

LOVE your gorgeous your new look here too, your banner sketch is just lovely :)
Thankyou for such a wonderful comment too! You totally made me BEAM! :)x

Christine Krauss said...

Your stickers are just adorable Shayla and your site is beautiful! Everything is so charming and lovely! :0) x

Aoife Blake said...

Oh my gosh, ADORABLE!!!! (and also, that's very reasonably priced)

Aoife x

Teddi said...

they are cuter than the pokey little puppy.