Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jessica Joslin

I am usually not a huge fan of three-dimensional art, but there are certain kinds of work I will always love and find exquisite. Taxidermy has been in my life for a long time, and watching my father put together deer heads and other animal figures was a sight for me growing up. The whole process is interesting.

Jessica Joslin had an interest in Victorian-era taxidermy and started to collect an assortment of natural objects such as shells, bones, feathers, seedpods, etc. She utilized taxidermy and thus created her first, one of a kind, taxidermy beast in 1992. Her art has a truly unique and creepy appearance. I think she is wonderful and I am glad to have stumbled onto her art.

jessica joslin art artist taxidermy

jessica joslin art artist taxidermy

The one above was made using a real turtle shell, bone, brass hardware, beads, antique vestment trim, leather, and glass eyes!

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Felicity said...

The top one is especially creepy, yet really alluring!

Shane said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog, Shayla...I'm just east of you in Indy.

Have you seen any stop-animated movies of Jan Svankmajer? His 'Alice' is what I immediately thought of when I saw this Jessica Joslin stuff. Also the stop-animated work of the Quay brothers.

RE: Miyazaki...I only "reviewed" (half-assedly) 'Totoro' because I recommended it to one of my 4 1/2 blog readers and he didn't like it. He must be a creep.

Shane said...

In case I didn't sell Svankmajer hard enough...since 'Alice' is a loose 'Wonderland' adaptation, it does have a rabbit. Albeit a fairly creepy one. And Svankmajer is wonderfully surreal, so you'd probably dig it. I don't have 'Alice' on my little blog, but I have some other Svankmajer hits, a couple collections of his shorts and a couple features.