Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Handmade Belt

For a long time I have been really obsessed with belts, especially those with pyramid studs. I have fed this obsession by buying belt after belt after belt after belt, even though they all looked the same I still bought them. Now that I have so many I can't find any interesting ones that would be worth getting because I basically already have them all. I wanted a floral one and I kept googling and I could never find one. So I though about just making one in hopes I would figure it out.

First off I drew up what I wanted because I work well when I have a visual of something first.

Then I shopped around at Hobby Lobby for the most desirable fabric to use and I was excited when I found what I wanted. I ordered a few belts off the internet because even with shipping, it is still a hell of a lot cheaper than a store bought belt. I even bought the pyramid studs off the internet, because just as I had imagined, the studs in the belt that I bought were of shitty plastic.

Getting rid of the crappy plastic studs

I spray painted the metal studs I had bought, I used two different colors to achieve the vintage, old-feel I was going for. I was really thrilled when they came out exactly how I wanted them too.

Putting fabric on and sewing it to the belt was the easy part, re-assembling all the parts I took out of it was the first hard part I had went though. I had to figure out how to actually get things to stay and be permanent so they wouldn't fall out later on.

Putting the metal studs in the old holes of the belt was the hardest part and actually took a long time, it is too hard to get the studs to stay straight and fit exactly right.

I am satisfied that my first belt turned out the way it did, I hope to make a lot of improvements on my next one.

The next one I am making is a rabbit belt. It is kind of wonderland inspired I suppose, I will post it as soon as I am done. I'm currently figuring out how to make a lot of different things that I can not find on the internet or anywhere else.

I have entered an art show literally called Recycled Art Show. I plan on entering a 2-d project. My idea is just making a collage using paper bags, but I will be using paint over them...just so I can have something actually recycled being used in my work.

Plastic bags are ruining our environment, I literally fucking hate them. If you want you can search anything about plastic bags and find all sorts of negative results.

I have drawn up what I want my collage to be of, and I have taken an approach toward Ocean Wildlife as a result from watching The Cove in my English class. I hope to have a very controversial piece in the show because I plan on making it a bit on the gore side.

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Mad About Pink said...

I love it! What a great belt. I'm now following you, can't wait to see more. Mad About Pink from SB